Raw Material Recycling

A brilliant idea. We offer comprehensive solutions, all under one roof.

Aluminum or Steel – new products from secondary materials.

Do you have discarded scrap metal, paper or other waste that needs disposing? You’ve come to the right place. We will find a solution to reprocess your materials in a manner which allows them to be used again in industry.

In addition to recycling of iron and steel scrap, Carl-Heinz Scholz Rohstoffhandel GmbH & Co. KG is also a leading supplier and disposal contractor of non-ferrous metals of all specifications, as well as for all many other raw materials used in industry.

We purchase and trade in all kinds of raw materials, which can be prepared for direct use.

Every type of material undergoes rigorous quality control, both after acquisition and before delivery.

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Non-ferrous Metals:

Aluminum, Copper and Brass scrap, as well as every other type of non-ferrous metal.

Iron and Steel scrape:

Old, new, and mixed scrap, steel shavings, foundry scrap, as well as iron alloys.